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Dictionary Game

 Dictionary game is an amazing way teaches how to use dictionary.In this game you can learn more words and their meanings.It also gives details about whether a searched word is an  adjective, verb or noun. Have Fun and learn more.

Dictionary Game

Read the clue and search for the word in the dictionary which best fits the clue.Then label the box correctly.


Easy and Simple way of learning Decimals


Use our testing room to compare different decimal's values.


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75 Children Websites

Many useful sites are there.Here is a few collection of sites for Children's safe search,studies,homework,Maths,Science,Books,health,News,Games and More.
Kid’s Portals & Safe Searching.

  1. ALA – Great Web Sites for Kids
  2. Ask for
  3. Awesome
  4. CyberPatrol – Software for safe searching
  5. CYBERsitter – Internet filter software
  6. CyberSleuth
  7. – Safe searching for kids
  8. Family Friendly
  9. – Guide to search preferences
  10. Internet Security Software from
  11. – Kid’s portal from the US Government
  12. – Kids Games, Movies, Music and More
  13. KidsClick ! Web Search
  15. KOL – AOL Web Site for Kids
  16. MSN – Search options
  17. Net Nanny – Parental control software
  18. Open Directory – Kids and Teens
  19. News, reference, games
  20. – Searches educational sites
  21. Surf Net Kids.comWebsite Reviews for Kids, Teachers and Families
  22. TekMom’s Search Tools for Students


  1. Kids
  2. Children

Books and stories
  1. – Children’s Books
  2. The Word Pool – Children’s book site for parents, teachers and writers
  3. UK Children’s Books – Directory of authors, illustrators, publishers


  1. – Fun, Games and Trivia
  3. Yahoo ! Games
  4. Yahoo ! Video Games – Video Game Demos, Cheats, Reviews, Previews and News
News & Global Issues
  1. Time for
  2. CBBC Newsround (BBC)
  3. First
  4. The
  5. Exhibitions at Wolverhampton Art Gallery – Looking at the ways in which children can become caught up in conflicts
  6. Global – Global Issues, from Christian Aid
Homework Help / Reference
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica
  3. Fact – Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help
  4. HomeWork – Homework help at your fingertips
  5. Homework Help – MSN Encarta
  6. Homework – Find Online Tutors
  7. Homework Standards Site – UK Government
  8. – Learning resources for the UK national curriculum From The Guardian
  9. MSN Encarta Online Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Atlas,and Homework
  11. – Educational Software Review
  12. – Search for homework help & revision websites

Science & Nature

  1. BBC – CBBC
  2. National Geographic Kids – Kid’s games, animals, photos, stories and more
  3. – Kid’s jokes & activities for children of all ages
Things To Do

  1. Build – It – – Toys, robots, puppets, contraptions .
  2. Cartoon Network – play games, win prizes and have fun
  3. – Education Site for Kids and Teachers
  4. Funorama – Fun for Kids
  5. Global Children’s Art Gallery – Children’s drawings, paintings, greeting cards, prints and more .
  6. MagicTricks.Com – Magic Tricks for Children
  7. MSN Lifestyle – Family & Parenting
  8. The Idea – Kids crafts, games, recipes, activities and more

    Please Share your favorite children sites.

10 Cool Facts about Earth

Earth  formed around 4.54 billion years ago.It is the fifth-largest planet in the solar system.It is called the "Goldilocks planet."

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears," is the story about a little girl named Goldilocks.In that story,her porridge couldn't be too hot or too cold. And her bed couldn't be too hard or too soft. Similarly,in our home planet("Earth"), everything is just right for life to exist. It's warm, but not too warm. And it has water, but not too much water. 

Earth is the only planet known to have large amounts of liquid water. Liquid water is essential for life. Earth is the only planet where life is known to exist. 

10 Cool Facts about Earth

1.Earth is almost a sphere

2.Earth is mostly iron, oxygen and silicon

3.70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water

4.The Earth’s atmosphere extends out to 10,000 km

5.The Earth’s molten iron core creates a magnetic field

6.Earth doesn't take 24 hours to rotate on its axis.

7.Earth orbits around the Sun everyday.

8.Earth has 1 moon and 2 co-orbital satellites

9.Earth is the only planet known to have life

10.Earth actually has 365.2564 days for a year. It’s this extra .2564 days that creates the need for leap years. 

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