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Benefits of chanting Om

Tricks to Increase your Concentration Power,Memory and IQ
Irrespective of caste,creed one can chant OM because its benefits are innumerable and it is scientifically proved.Chanting OM is beneficial to all age groups .
"OM" very short Mantra - easy to pronounce and teach kids too.Chant daily 5-10minutes continuously for 45 days then you wont stop.
chanting Om
1.Increases the concentration power
2.Improves Memory and IQ

The Skeleton

Play and learn about Human,Animal&Fish Skeleton ..Also find how they Move..

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Living Things

Do you know which groups living things belong to?

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Teething and eating

Find out why your teeth are so different to a lions. It's all about what you eat.




Plants and Animals

See which environments plants and creatures inhabit.



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Educational Games: Micro Organisms

Which micro organisms are useful and which are harmful?

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Parts of a Flower

Flower is one of the beautiful creation of God.

Here is a short and quick description about parts of a flower.It will gives you a clear idea about what each part of a flower does.

1.Petals are often very brightly coloured and their main job is to attract insects, such as bees or butterflies, into the flower. The insects pick up pollen from the flower, and carry it to the next flower they visit. This is how most flowers are pollinated.
Not all flowers have brightly coloured petals. Some grasses, for example, have small, dull, off-white flowers. This is because they are not pollinated by insects or other animals, but use the wind to blow their pollen grains to other plants.
2.Sepals are special types of leaves that form a ring around the petals. Their job is to protect the flower while it is still a bud. After the flower has opened, the sepals can still be seen behind the petals.
Sepals are usually green or brown, although in some plants they are the same colour as the petals.
A flower with parts labeled
Parts of a Flower
4.The carpel is the female part of the flower, where the seeds are made. The carpel has three parts: the stigma, the style, and the ovary.

  • The stigma is covered in a sticky substance. Its job is to "catch" the grains of pollen (which usually come from another flower).
  • The style is the stalk that holds up the stigma.
  • The ovary contains the ovules (or "eggs").
When the flower is pollinated, the pollen sticks to the stigma. It then travels down the style to the ovary. In the ovary, the pollen joins with the ovules, and the ovules become seeds. This is called fertilisation. After fertilisation, the ovary turns into the fruit.

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5.The stamens are the male parts of the flower. Their job is to make pollen. Pollen is a fine yellow powder that is needed to make a new plant.
Each stamen has two parts: an anther and a filament. The anther contains the pollen and thefilament holds up the anther.
The pollen is carried to the stigma of another flower and fertilises it, and new seeds are made. Sometimes pollen from a flower gets onto the stigma in the same flower, and it fertilizes itself.
6.The receptacle is the top part of the flower stalk, where the parts of the flower are attached. It is often rounded in shape.
All the parts of the flower are attached to the receptacle.

How fast is your heart beating?

Are you keeping healthy? 


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10 Interesting Facts About Antarctica

Here is a list of facts to explore Antarctica.

1.It is the world's fifth-largest continent in area, after Asia, Africa, North America, and South America.

2.98% of the continent is covered by ice.If Antarctica's ice sheets melted, the worlds oceans would rise by 60 to 65 metres everywhere.

3.In Antarctica there is only one sunrise and one sunset.In summer 24hrs of sunlight and in winter months 24hrs of complete unending darkness.

4.Antarctica is the best place in the world to find meteorites.

5.Antarctica,the frozen continent  is designated as a natural reserve devoted to peace and science.
 Penguins in Antarctica
 Facts About Antarctica
6.Antarctic Treaty

7.Penguins are the only birds that inhabit this frozen landscape.Seals are often found in Antarctic.Land animals that live all year around are midges, mites and tardigrades.

8.Antarctica has no permanent residents.

9.An an Effect of global warming, some of Antarctica has been warming up; particularly strong warming has been noted on the Antarctic Peninsula.

10.Each year a large area of low ozone concentration or "ozone hole" grows over Antarctica.

10 Facts About Africa

Here is list of 10 cool facts about Africa which you must know...

1.Africa is the second-largest continent in the world in both area and population.

2.Sahara is the largest desert in Africa.It is also the world's largest hot desert.It covers a third of the African continent.

3.Thousand different languages are spoken in Africa.

4.Nile is the longest River in Africa.It is also the World's longest River.

5.There are 53 Countries in Africa and the largest Country is Sudan.

African Elephants
Facts About Africa
6.Africa is the source of much of the World's Gold and Diamonds.Mining is the major industry for several countries in Africa.
7. Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest Point in Africa.

8.Lake Victoria or Victoria Nyanza is the largest Lake in Africa.

9.Camel is the mode of transport used to cross Sahara desert for centuries.

10.Swahili is most widely spoken African language. 

World Map,The Continents and the Oceans of the World

Seven Continents of the World

1.Africa - 10 Facts About Africa
2.Antarctica - 10 Facts About Antarctica
3.Asia - 10 Facts About Asia
4.Australia/Oceania - 10 Facts About Australia
5.Europe - 10 Facts About Europe
6.North America - 10 Facts About North America
7.South America.- 10 Facts About South America

World Map,The Continents and the Oceans of the World
World Map with Continents and Oceans

Oceans of the World

1.The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world.The area of the Pacific ocean is greater than that of all of the continents combined, and it makes up nearly half of the area covered by the earth's oceans.

2.The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world.

Atlantic Ocean
3.The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world.
Indian Ocean

4.The Southern Ocean is the world's newest and fourth largest ocean.
Southern Ocean

5.The Arctic Ocean is the world's smallest ocean.
 Arctic Ocean

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