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Shaved Vs Stubble

 My hubby is working in a private company.Once in his office, the management had  planned to build an effective cost cutting team and assigned everyone to prepare a project on cost cutting measures and were also asked to make a presentation on the same.The company gave an equal opportunity to everyone and rolled out this assignment to its employees to select members for its new team.The opportunity was lucrative and everybody wants to grab as it seems like a quick ladder to climb up in their career.The company announced that all the selected members for the new team will be promoted to their next higher designation or given an equivalent hike and placed in the new team.

Doesn't it sound good?
shaved vs stubble.jpg

My hubby was amazed about this golden opportunity and prepared carefully as he did not want this great opportunity to slip away.

Out of 250 projects submitted, only 50 projects passed the judges criteria and their candidates were invited to gather in the presentation hall.Luckily, my hubby's project was selected, he deserve it also.
He groomed himself and went to the venue clean and shaved to present himself best in front of the judges.

Now the 50 members are in their seat in front of the judges.

Initially a  note was passed to the majority of  the members. There was a buzz among the others who never received one. After a short while those who received the note quietly left the place.

One among them approached the judge to know the reason why they were not given an opportunity. The Judges replied "Stubble is always a trouble." The guy instantly understood his mistake and left the place.

The remaining members including my hubby felt happy on knowing that their well-groomed look has ensured to struck the gold on an opportunity given to them.

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Porcelanosa for Mordern and Dignified Home

I love to use Porcelanosa products to build my dream home to make it look more elegant. Wow, I got stunned to check their wide range of stylish and beautiful products ranging from wall tiles to bathroom accessories.

You can also have a eye feast.Check their site here.Before that all you need to know about them are below mentioned here. Porcelanosa is a Spanish ceramics and tiling company. It specializes in bathroom furniture, accessories and tiling. It has 40 years of experience in the industry and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Porcelanosa's products are trendy and its luxury look and broad range of products and varieties caters the needs of all kind of people.It offers best quality products and it has an excellent customer reputation all over the world.

Porcelanosa offers wide-range of stylish and beautiful products ranging from wall tiles, floor tiles, bathroom furniture and kitchen taps.

Here is my favorite Porcelanosa products which I wish to have in my dream home.

Wall tiles - Wall tiles covers major portion of the home.So I feel careful selection of wall tiles is very important.An house can look sleepy or appealing and pleasant.The selection of wall tiles plays a major role in making home a pleasant place to live in. The Crema color wall tiles I prefer for my home because I feel it gives me a relaxed natural atmosphere.

Image credit : Porcelanosa

Floor tiles - The Crema color floor tiles gives pleasure and peace to my mind and crema shades makes my heart feel peaceful.Then I selected Crema floor tiles because it matches my wall tiles color.Image credit : Porcelanosa

I am going to select fascinating Porcelanosa furnitures to make my space more attractive.

Table - I love to do all my work in the standing position and so I prefer this kind of tables and moreover I love its circle shape.Image credit : Porcelanosa

This kitchen classic furniture looks lively, simple and organised.It also looks very spacious and I think I could store without clutter all my kitchen appliances such as utensils and other stuffs.I opt for it as I feel it helps to enjoy the time I spend in the kitchen and makes my daily cooking more happier.

Image credit : Porcelanosa

Wardrobes is not just a place to dump my clothes.It decides my mood.When I keep it arranged properly I feel proud myself.When it is untidy and cluttered I feel stressed and depressed.Image credit : Porcelanosa

It has more divisions to sort and store my things.It looks perfect for my need so I liked it.

Forest Roble coco vintage chair I have chosen for my dining space as it looks for more convenient to sit and dine.Image credit : Porcelanosa

I build my dream home with Porcelanosa products as I believe it makes my home look more modern and dignified.

Porcelanosa ventures into Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving.

Open Defecation is a Serious Threat

In India, more than 597 million population defecates in the open every day mainly due to lack of sanitation facilities.Many people do not have a toilet in their home in rural areas.Lack of lavatories forces them to defecate outside in the open with no privacy.Open defecation creates many health hazards and also poses serious threat to women and children.It leads to the spread of fatal diseases like diarrhea, cholera and typhoid.It also causes hepatitis, polio, worm infestation, impaired cognitive function and reduced physical growth.

Many children aged below five years old in India die every year due to the water-borne diseases like diarrhea and cholera. Poor health amenities make children more vulnerable to malnutrition and also affects their learning abilities.Lack of sanitation facilities leads to the increased drop out of adolescent girls from the school.Open defecation exposes women and young girls at higher risks of rape and abuse.Inadequate and lack of toilet facilities puts women and girls in trouble to manage menstrual hygiene.

Many unwary people in rural areas defecates in open inspite of having toilet facilities without knowing about its potential danger.They do it in open because they feel relax to relieve in open air.Human excreta contains large number of germs which causes diseases. Defecating in open can spread infectious diseases. When people defecate in the open, flies will feed on the excreta which contain germs and then they fly and spread diseases by feeding on other things.For example, if it touches the food, the germs in the excreta are passed onto the food, and a person who eats will be affected.

Open defecation makes ground water polluted with faeces. Drinking water and crops grown there also becomes harmful.To stop sexual violence and to live a healthy life, toilet facility is must for everyone and importance of using toilets and its impact on health must be taught.

Improved sanitation facility is essential for good and hygiene life.Stop defecating in open and start using toilets to reduce hospital expenses and also to reduce the death of children due to fatal diseases.

 Domex, HUL’s flagship sanitation brand, currently runs the Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) programme with an aim to build 24000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas for people facing with the problem of open defecation.

Practicing open defecation is life threatening as it causes many serious infections, diseases and epidemics.For a healthy and safe life, toilet access must be available for every individual.#ToiletForBabli is needed to survive, grow and develop as healthy individual.

Let's spread the message of the harmful effects of open defecation to eradicate it and also join Domex in their latest initiative to help make villages ‘open-defecation’ free.

Show your support by participating in the "You Click Domex Contributes" initiative at to bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids who suffers every day without basic sanitation facilities.All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate the menace of open defecation in the country and help everyone live a dignified life.

27 Human Sounds and Actions

Useful Vocabulary Words

1.slurp - drink or eat something with a loud sucking noise. eg : He slurped his drink.

2.belch,burp - noisily release air from the stomach through the mouth.
 eg: 1.How to burp your baby?2.After feeding, belch your baby by patting on its back.

3.snore - a person's breathing sound while they are asleep. Eg : Snoring is annoying and it also ruins our health.

4.yawn - involuntarily open one's mouth wide due to tiredness or boredom. eg : She began yawning as soon as the movie started.

5.gasp - catch one's breath with an open mouth due to pain or astonishment. eg : She gasped in horror and fainted.

6.cough - to expel air from the lungs noisily. eg : Severe cough can make your throat feel bad.

7.sneeze - to expel air forcibly due to the irritation of one's nostrils. eg : Sneezing makes ah-choo sound.

8.hiccups - it results in shard sound and urges you to drink water. eg : The best way to stop hiccups is to drink a glass of water.
9.gurgle - a bubbling sound made by water. eg : When you clear the debris in the kitchen sink, the flow down of water creates a gurgling sound.

 Vocabulary Words
10.vomit - the contents from the stomach comes out through the mouth. eg : He vomited the pills which he had just taken.

11.wink - deliberately closing and opening the eyelid of one eye as to convey a message, signal or suggestion. eg : She winked at him to turn his attention towards her.

12.blink - closing and opening the eyelids of both eyes. eg : Don't forget to blink your eyes often while watching Television.

13.squint - look at someone or something with one or both eyes partly closed in an attempt to see more clearly or as a reaction to strong light. eg : The bright lighting in the stadium made him squint his eyes.

squint eye is a condition in which eyes are not properly aligned and eyes do not look in the same direction.

14.grumpy - annoyed,bad tempered,irritated. eg : His computer freezes, he became grumpy.

15.fart - releasing gas through the bottom, passing gas. eg : Remember not all farts smells bad.Farts won't smell when it release odorless gas like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and methane. Farts smells very bad when it release gas like hydrogen sulfide.

16.grin - smile broadly. eg : She gazed at him with a grin on her face.

17.giggle  - There were giggles and guffaws when she was around.

18.flush/blush - show shyness, embarrassment, or shame by becoming red in the face.
eg : She blushed on seeing him.

19.pant - quick and short breath, longing for more. eg : She was panting when she climbed the stairs.

20.sigh - draw in and exhale audibly to express you are relieved, emit a long deep audible breath to express despair,sadness,boredom, tiredness. eg : He sighed heavily after completing the task.

21.snort - A rough, noisy sound made by breathing forcefully through the nostrils to express dislike, anger or when you are delighted, amused., inhaling drug through the nose. eg : She snorted and returned home herself.

22.wheeze - breathing loudly with difficulty and with a whistling sound. eg - I was panting and wheezing while climbing the stairs.

23.scream - a loud cry in high voice because of pain or surprise. eg : She screamed in pain which was terribly hoarse.

24.snuffle - breathing noisily through the nose due to a cold or crying. eg : She was crying and snuffling all the way to the home.

25.sniff - to inhale a short, audible breath through the nose to detect a smell. eg : The dog sniffed his bag.

 26.bloat - to swell up or inflate. eg: The government had bloated the petrol price recently.2.Her stomach bloated and looked almost like a balloon.

27.Note :

to breathe noisily - sniff, snore (when sleeping),snort, sigh
to breathe with difficulty - gasp, pant, wheeze
to be unable to breathe: choke, suffocate. eg :  The smoke in the room made her feel choked/suffocated.

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