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Shaven Face attracts Opportunities

I was in love with a girl  for more than 7 years. It started as friendship but slowly it turned as love. We use to talk hours together and discuss about many topics. But we have never seen each other. It was a thrilling experience and so we lived our love life through phone conversation. One day, we decided to get married.

But was scared to inform the parents about our love and to face the consequences. I hesitated but she informed her parents. To our surprise, her father called and invited me to their house.  I got excited that if he accept, I am going to get into a relationship with a friendly family and many thoughts started running in my mind.

After some time, she called and told about her parents likes and dislikes. She added, that his father is friendly, open and strict also. And stressed that if his father decides something, he won't take his decision back. Usually our phone conversation use to be funny and silly. That was the first time, we both were very serious and nervous.

She, without knowing what his father will question, got riddled and feeds me as much as information about his family. Even I got little fear, after hearing her talks. Without patience, she went and asked her dad regarding what he wants to talk with me. She can't stay laid back and relax for the day to come. Since she had already informed about my qualification, family and salary, she was anxious about our meet, because her father had never expressed his positive or negative reaction. So she was puzzled and worried.

Finally, our most expected day came. I went to meet her father. First of all, I was very eager to see her face and she also dwells with the same thought. That is my first meeting with her. So I have added pressure to impress her also. We love each other and physical appearance are secondary but it cannot be ignored. So I got up earlier to get ready soon and started from my place to reach her home in time.

I rang the bell. She opened the door. For seven years, we know and love each other but that was the first time our eyes met. But no time to romance, since her parents were there. In excitement, I went there but after seeing her parents a slight fear tickled me. They welcomed and gave me a seat and  greeted each other saying "hello". After that,  a moment of silence was there and we both without knowing what her parents is going to talk looked at each other. To our surprise, her father asked which month to arrange for our marriage. We both took a breathe and started smiling. Her mother gave us sweets and after that only I sat comfortably. She told, dad I was afraid with tension. Her dad answered, I know dear.  He added that he want to see me in person to inquire about my seriousness in love with her daughter and marriage and that's why he invited me. But seeing my clean shaven face, he never felt like asking me anything. We asked the reason and her father replied, the way you came with clean shaven face shows your commitment and simply got flattened with your confident look. I want to ask you many questions but you shaven face gave me answers for all my questions. So I accepted for your marriage. I felt happy that my shaven face had helped me to win my love.

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Missed Opportunity

This was an incident which happened when I was studying in my college. It was a crucial time and my role as the president(leader representing the students) of the college was big. Because, that time my college was in the process of acquiring accreditation from National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). In six months NAAC committee was going to visit our college.

Before giving accreditation, the NAAC team will consider various parameters and our management was careful in all preparations as it adds value and gives big recognition to our college . First, before the actual NAAC peer team visit, we made arrangements for our institutional NAAC guidance team visit. They guided us in making things perfect for the assessment and accreditation.

As the president, I have to keep in check the cleanliness, discipline in campus, canteen and have to ensure other student facilities. Many arrangements we have to make as NAAC will visit, monitor, and examine the lab, library and other facilities in college.

Facilities and infrastructure in our college was good. When guest comes, how a brush up is needed for our home to show it as perfect home, we all were doing many arrangements for the day of their visit to show our college as best college. And my job was more as the president of the college. More than three months co-coordinating staffs and students and also made arrangements for NAAC cultural programmes, its almost like receiving guest to our home, arrangement for eateries, front and stage decoration, welcome address speech and more. Every single student, staff and assistants joined together and worked for the NAAC visit. From welcoming, all arrangements upto thanking NAAC peer team, I as president planned and prepared students and made arrangements for the day.

But on the final day, I did a blunder mistake. I went to the college with a non shaven face. I was careful about the arrangement I made. Twice I checked and ensured all the arrangements for the NAAC day including cultural rehearsal but was careless about my look. On the final day, when I entered my Principal room, she asked whether all the arrangements are ready for receiving the NAAC team. I confidently answered " Yes". She asked who is going to receive the NAAC team and going to give the welcome address in the morning assembly. Her question surprised me because as the president, I use to receive and welcome chief guests in all our college functions. So I answered that myself I going to welcome. She asked,  creating good impression at first is important or not ? First, I never understood but I answered it's very important to create a good impression at first.


Immediately, she asked my vice-president who stood behind me to receive and give the welcome address. I was clueless and got shocked. She smiled and said clean shaven and self grooming is also needed for a leader to best represent himself and his college. I never thought that stubble will come in the way and spoil my good impression in front of the principal. I did all the arrangements but  I missed my opportunity as the president to be in the front and to receive and interact with the guest . I bend my head and felt bad but went back to monitor other activities  for the success of the function.

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Truth gives Peace of Mind

This is an incident which happened in my fifth class. Those days to motivate us to study and score well in exams, our class teacher used to give an attractive gift for the first rank holder. In all the exams, mostly myself and my friend Shalini used to receive gifts from our teacher. We are good friends. Before every exam, our teacher used to announce the gift. I remember, our half-yearly exams were about to start. As usual, our teacher announced the gift for top scorer in half-yearly exam. I became very crazy after knowing that she is going to give the Barbie doll for the first rank holder. The moment she announced, I decided at any cost I have to study well and win my favorite gift.

That year due to heavy rain, we had many holidays. So our syllabus for half-yearly exams were completed only at the last minute. We all had a tough time to prepare for exams. But since the gift was alluring, we all prepared for exams with full energy and effort. Exams are nearing but my friend was on leave for the whole week due to a viral illness. I have never seen her as a competitor ever before. We both used to study and play together. Always we use to plan, that either of us must win the gift and mustn't allow anyone else. So we both use to work hard and prepare for exams. Every time, either one of us use to get the gift, but we both had never felt jealous about that. We used to feel happy for each other.

But that time, I felt different. Since she was absent to school, she use to call me and I use to furnish her all the notes and convey her about the information which happened in the class. Always as a friend I use to be truthful and faithful to her. On that day, I never planned to lie or hide from her. But that moment, when she called, I was not interested in revealing the important questions which teacher gave us.

Usually, in our school they don't give us important questions. They always recommend us to study full portions. But that time, due to rain, since syllabus was completed in the last minute, the teachers decided and gave us some important questions to prepare for exams. They gave the questions only a couple of days before exams and they never revealed that before because they always want us to read the full portions. Since my friend was absent, she never knew about the same.

She used to call me daily and we used to discuss all the happenings of the class in detail. That day, allured and fascinated by the Barbie doll, one second my mind started to think her as a competitor and as a only trouble giver for my desire. So when she called me, that day I never shared any information about that important questions which teacher gave us to prepare. Because I felt I will be in trouble and I can't win my Barbie, if I tell the truth.

I was very tempted and I don't want to lose that Barbie gift. Since she was on leave, she had more time to prepare for exams than me. I know that she is not feeling well but then also I felt that she has more chances to win my favorite Barbie. I felt telling the truth, will put me in trouble and reduce the chance of winning my Barbie as she is my only competitor in the class. I never planned to hide, but without my knowledge because of a desire about Barbie, I hid and never informed her about the important questions. I managed to talk to her normally and I kept the phone. After keeping the phone, I felt a moment of joy, as if I won my Barbie gift.

Truth gives Peace of Mind

 I understood that was only a temporary happiness. Because after that I  felt guilty and was not able to concentrate on my studies. I felt ashamed of my selfish behavior. Later I understood that I was wrong. My desire for Barbie also vanished from my mind. I lost my peace of mind and was thinking and re-thinking for some time, but soon I decided that telling the truth was the right thing to do. So that night, I called her back and apologized  for not sharing the questions before. After that moment, I felt relaxed and started to concentrate on the exams.

I Love Melbourne

Melbourne is an elegant, vibrant and the most livable cosmopolitan city in the world. It is assessed that Melbourne provides best living conditions in five broad categories - stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Based on this, the Economist Intelligence Unit currently considers Melbourne the most livable city in the world.

Melbourne is an attractive city and I love Melbourne for its sublime living conditions, vibrant nightlife, changeable weather, fashion boutiques, restaurants, cool bars, unbeatable galleries, spectacular architectures, graffiti and embraced street art, beautiful gardens, magnificent heritage buildings, grand libraries and museums, multicultural population, thrilling world class events, extensive tram network, world class sporting facilities,  spacious lush parks, chocolate haven, high end shopping precincts, enviable lifestyle, cafĂ©-filled laneways, culinary flair and many more.

Melbourne is the popular destination for tourists from around the world. It is the business, administrative, cultural and recreational hub of Victoria, an Australian State.

Melbourne is a bustling city where relaxing, dining, shopping, hip-hop and retro rock all wrapped up in a vibrant atmosphere.

Melbourne is Australia's sporting capital and their major sports include football, cricket, soccer, rugby, horse racing and tennis.

Melbourne is listed among the 100 Resilient cities. Melbourne is a place of  sophistication and innovation.

Melbourne celebrates a wide variety of events and depends upon the individuals taste everyone have something to do and enjoy here. Some of the major events in Melbourne include:

  • AFL Grand Final
  • Anzac Day
  • Australian Open Tennis
  • Australian Grand Prix
  • Melbourne Cup Carnival
  • Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
  • Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • Melbourne International Arts Festival
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • Melbourne International Film Festival
  • Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
  • Melbourne Music Week
  • Melbourne Spring Fashion Week
  • Melbourne Writers Festival
  • Moomba Festival 
  • New Year's Eve

Melbourne is a friendly city with a welcoming heart where you can find red shirt city volunteers to help visitors.
Melbourne's precincts

Federation Square: It is the most visited attractions in Melbourne. Fed Square is an excellent place to hang out where some events and activities will take place throughout the year. It has stunning food destinations and mainly it is a cozy place to sip a lattle (a coffee drink) and plenty of options are available here to wine, dine and dance all the night. Here you can enjoy free WiFi and "Melbourne Visitor Centre" located at Fed Square provides quality travel booking service and is the one stop shop for visitors where one can get free brochures to know about travel destinations in Melbourne . You can use Rentabike to hire a bike and can take a real Melbourne bike tour.

Some other notable places at Fed Square,

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is a place to discover the world of the moving image in the galleries, cinemas and studios.

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) displays its Australian collection of artworks at the Ian Potter Centre.

Kirra Galleries at Fed Square holds a number of exhibitions each year and it is specialized in highlighting Australian contemporary art glass, ceramics, sculpture and jewelry which are handmade by Australian artists from high-quality materials.

City Library at Flinder's Lane is a great library which conducts workshops, exhibitions, ESL conversation programs and more.

Flinder's Street Station : It is the Australia's oldest and busiest suburban railway station and it is a city icon where free WiFi is accessible, horse-drawn carriage is available throughout the city. Notable Places: Clock's at Flinder's Station with modern gastropubs, mock Irish taverns, competitions and events are also held, Campbell Arcade is an underground shopping precinct, The City Convenience Store offers internet services and money exchange 24 hrs a day, City Hatters is a retailer of men’s hats for generations.

 Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the tenth-largest stadium in the world, can seat 100,000 people and it is the Australia's premier sporting stadium where the AFL Grand Final is held and is the home of the Melbourne Cricket Club.  MCG includes a visit to the famous Long Room, MCC Library, CV Bill Lawry Indoor Cricket Centre.

Great Ocean Road: It is one of the world's most scenic coastal drives where you can enjoy various outdoor activities like surfing, scuba diving, sea kayaking and more.

Brighton Bathing Boxes is a popular Bayside icon and cultural asset. It is accessible by road, rail, bus and sea. Here you can discover the Bayside Coastal Art Trail, notable Australian artists' paintings, the Brighton bathing boxes, Brighton dunes and the Melbourne skyline.

St.Kilda Road is the city's famous boulevard fringed by beautiful,  majestic palm trees.St Kilda breakwater where you can see adorable St Kilda penguins daily after sunset throughout the year. It will be really fun watching penguins waddling and surely you can have a great time here.

Melbourne's iconic 'Tan Track' is a wonderful place for a morning jog. It encircles world's famous Royal Botanic Garden and on the way located Shrine of Remembrance, Kings Domain Gardens, Yarra River.

Yarra river is the Melbourne's main water feature and a place for entertainment, leisure, romance and excitement. The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is located on the banks of the Yarra River, a home to 10000 animals including world's largest saltwater crocodiles.

Swanston Street is lined with historic architecture and is famous for hidden boutiques, bars and eateries. HardRock climbing is a place where you can hire shoes and enjoy a day's unlimited climbing.Capitol Theatre is an extraordinary theatre to visit with ceilings indirectly lit in four colors.

Collins Street is Melbourne’s most famous shopping stop where you can find high-end fashion and jewels stores, luxury goods, top-class hotels, historic churches, gracious banks, major clubs, breathtaking theaters and modern architectural masterpieces.

Hot air balloon ride at sunrise over Melbourne is a great adventurous ride and it stays in your heart for a lifetime. It is an excellent thrilling ride where you can see the Melbourne and admire its scenic beauty.

 Melbourne Zoo : Here we can experience the thrill of watching some of our favorite animals closely face-to-face and taking photographs with them. Such close up encounters with wildlife will be unforgettable moments in life.

Pick Your own Fruit from orchards gives unique experience and happiness of plucking your favorite fruit and tasting. For kids it will be fun to see the fruits they eat in the trees and it will also be an educational experience for them.

Shopping in Melbourne

Bourke Street Mall, a popular shopping haven where you can find all international brands and variety of shops at a single stop.

Block Arcade is one of Melbourne's most impressive heritage arcades
with boutique shops, cutting edge fashion, specialty stores and numerous cafes and restaurants.

Bridge Road, Richmond for designers clothes and accessories and Brunswick Street, Fitzroy for specialty stores, fashion outlets and trendy cafes and restaurants.

Chapel Street is famous for boutique shopping,ritzy cafes and restaurants.

Melbourne Central: Here you can find over 300 shops with a huge range of designer labels and cutting edge fashions.

 In Melbourne you can find a variety of local and internationally famous designer brands and high-end fashion outlets. Some other locations for a good shopping experience -
i love melbourne

Collins Street, Flinders Lane,  Melbourne GPO, Toorak Road, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Fountain gate Westfield and Little Collins Street where you can find Australian fashion boutiques with primarily focus for men.

Queen Victoria Market is the biggest market in Melbourne where you can find a variety of foods, drinks, clothes, accessories and more.

The Melbourne Museum is a world class museum where you can find lots of things to explore.

St Kilda's big clown mouth, Luna Park's terrific temptations, such as Silly Serpent, Scenic Railway and Spider are some places where we can have more fun.

Melbourne  has world class top restaurants and it is a gourmet city where you can taste all types of food in quality restaurants at reasonable  prices.

Shree Swaminarayan Temple at Melbourne is the Hindu Temple in Victoria. Melbourne has a vibrant multicultural community. 

Docklands: Melbourne Star Observation Wheel to discover Melbourne skies and to see the city from a different perspective. Medibank Icehouse is a good place where free ice-skating lessons are given and it is the Australia's largest ice sports and entertainment venue.

Melbourne brims with sports, fashion, festivals, leisure opportunities, food and wine, Australia's best shopping, beautiful destinations and it caters all groups of people by providing  great facilities and infrastructure.

Visit Melbourne for its spectacular Arts and culture, exhibitions, festivals, displays, museums, galleries and live performances.  

I love Melbourne as there is always something new and exciting to discover.

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"Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?".

Give your answers in the comment section and the best answer  will win a gift voucher. The contest is closed.
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Protect your Emotional Health

Pre-marital sex is a thrilling experience, but it has the power to make your marriage life boring and troublesome.

Sexual activity has a direct impact on the emotional health of a person, that to particularly for a woman, it involves sharing her most precious possession.

Having pre-marital sex is like lending the valuable possession without any emotional security.

Sex before marriage for material benefit, for sexual pleasure, due to the consequence of compulsion, or as an expression of love, all affects woman and make them feel guilty, insecure, creates low self-esteem,  emotional turmoil and will be posed to many mental and physical disturbances.

Pre-marital sex will make you remorse and regret for life long, regardless of with whom you did or  for what you did.

It will not allow you to live with pride, it eats your peaceful life and sometimes will drag you to take self-destructive  decisions.

If you have sex before marriage, your life after marriage won't be interesting, even if it is with the same person or the other.

The couples who have sex before their marriage, sooner or later will realize that they both don't have  respect of each other. When it lacks, surely a crack will be in their life for all the time.

The worst thing is, in case if you get married to a different person, your mind automatically starts to compare and this will affect your sexual intimacy with your spouse and disrupts your happy marriage life.

Pre-marital sex will reduce the happiness of your sex life after marriage.

Let us talk about the visible and invisible consequences of  pre-marital sex.

Aborting a child or giving a birth to a child before marriage all creates mental stress and makes you feel that you are doing wrong and it affects you and your child.

Assume some two people love each other and they had planned to marry in the future and in the mean time they want to enjoy sexual pleasure without waiting for marriage.

Even if they have safe sex and play safe, the girl can't escape from facing unexplained emotional problems.

If she aborts, life long she will shed tears and will become emotionally weak.

In modern life, happiness is social sharing and we share everything from buying dresses to slippers. If she becomes pregnant before marriage, is it possible for her to tweet that she is pregnant and share her happiness?

 Pre-marital sex is not healthy, even if it happens with mutual consent.

It can only give something which we can't share with others. So it is definitely a problem giving act.

Pre-marital sex is self destruction.

Pre- Marital sex can't  develop intimacy, it can only affect relationships.

Some people argue that there is nothing wrong in having sex before marriage.

Those who involve themselves in sexual activity before marriage will be of two types of victims.

Some realize their mistake and suffer from guilty thoughts and others won't accept, they give lame reasons themselves to justify their mistake, and to calm their mind.

If they don't belong to these two categories, they are inhuman, that is, who have sex without any emotional attachment.

If you have pre-marital sex, it can give only  physical pleasures and not real happiness and satisfaction to your soul.

Why we must do the act which chases and kills us life long?

Nobody can justify that pre-marital sex is a good act. Because it has bountiful negatives to point out.

For example, just because we love the flower, got addicted to the scent of the flower, and daily we see the flower and because the flower feels to be good in our hand, we can't pluck the flower and use which we don't own it.

Even if the flower comes to us voluntarily, first we must own the life long rights to use it.

Because it is a shame to use the thing which doesn't belong to us and remember it affects your dignity too.

So mutual consent is not enough, get married which gives you real belonging, emotional commitment, attachment, and security.

If you are involved in pre-marital sex and later if hands are changed, you and your flower both will be facing emotional stress.

Pre-marital sex is a reverse process and those who want healthy and happy life mustn't go on that path.

It burns you immediately or like slow poison it stays in your heart and kills you all your life.

The real happiness of sex will go unknown to you ever, if you have pre-marital sex.

So it is not sensible to say, I feel thirsty, I drink water.
Likewise, my body needs sex, I have sex and marriage have no connection to it.

If you need money, can you take from reserve bank or other's pocket?

Only if you have your own money, you should use it.

In the same way, only if you have your own partner, you must have sex. Before marriage, we are not eligible for sex act.

As sex act is related to two people and we can get our partner only through marriage. It is possible only through marriage and it alone can give belonging, commitment, attachment and security. Having sex before marriage is like using money which doesn't belong to us.

Pre-marital sex act involves using things which doesn't belong to us. So I conclude, No to Pre-marital sex as it is offense, mannerless, shame and immoral.

Finally, sex has so many health benefits, but pre-marital sex has health benefits only at the danger which affects your emotional health.

So say No to Pre-marital sex act which can do no good for us except affecting our emotional health.

Rip-roaring Vacation

Vacation with children is a special occasion which brings fun, frolic and entertainment. Even tiddly things, it may be an animal encounter in a zoo or a kiddie ride, children are overjoyed.Vacations are like exploring the world to children. Once, We went to a hill  station for vacation with our kids. There, we went to a botanical garden where we saw different plant varieties, flowers and trees. It was a verdant garden which looks pleasant and calm to relax and that's it. But, we never expected that our garden visit will become more interesting. My son and daughter became ecstatic.They started pointing out different color flowers to each other and they got excited about seeing the different size, shape and color of leaves. Their curiosity and excitement while encountering the new things with sparkling smiles on their faces made us also to enjoy the moment more and gave us best memories that last for a lifetime. Their joy had added magic to our vacation making it more enjoyable and memorable.

During vacation our first priority is our kids, so it is important to make sure that they are happy. I will choose child friendly resorts like Club Mahindra to ensure that my kids have the best of times during their vacation. Only if  the kids are happy we can enjoy the vacation and have a good time with our spouse. While planning for vacation, we must choose the location which can entertain our kids.

Club Mahindra is a luxury Holiday Resort hub, which has bountiful modern amenities and activities in their resorts to cater the kids and here we can indulge in various activities and can have fun with the kids together.

Kids need entertainment, fun, games and  home feel regardless of wherever they go. Club Mahindra is one stop which provides fun to both kids and adults by offering indoor and outdoor activities like camping,dance workshops, innovative workshops to bake their own pots, make puppets etc, craft kits, painting, hobby kits, board games, table-tennis, library, trek, magic for kids, bird watching, daily evening entertainment like karaoke, music, talent shows, ethnic performances, virtual video games, provides sporting equipments to play cricket, golf, football etc, and moreover their FunRovers will also join you and help if you are interested.

Kids won't miss their playing accessories as everything is provided to make them feel as the home and enjoy the vacation.

I feel when all these facilities are provided, kids will be happy and also will have the best of times during their vacation. We can't carry board games, art kits and binocular with us during vacation. But we can't ignore things which make our kids happy. So I will go for Club Mahindra, a child-friendly holiday and luxury resort which provide multitude entertainment options where I can entertain my kids, relax with spouse  and can also enjoy fabulous outdoors.

Plan your holiday vacation with Club Mahindra and be sure that your kids have the best of times during their vacation, so you could have a great time as well!

Have a rip-roaring good vacation.

Risk Rider

I was working in an accountancy firm for a meager salary. I was happy with that earnings until I was bachelor. After marriage only I started thinking seriously about life.Until that I had no goal or ambitions or big demands. One night, many questions popped up in my mind and disturbed my sleep.But that is a turning point in my life. I was asking myself,"Looking for a penny money every month will my life end as an employee and how long with that meager salary without much growth I can run my family"?

Repeatedly I asked myself,"Will this earnings be enough to meet my future demands and is it possible for me to manage the family decently with this income"?

That time some unexpected medical expenses occurred had added and multiplied my fears.

This biggest fear had made me take my bold, risky decision in life.

I was calculating and recalculating about my future needs. That time I set myself great demands and wished to earn my annual salary in one month.

There is no scope to achieve that goal by staying in present job. I wanted to start a business, but was scared to start, thinking about failure. Another thought if I left my job and if go unsuccessful in business what would be my condition and how will I run the family, these questions haunted me.

I was worried that my growth will only be at snail's pace and stagnant if I continue the job. Needs changed and became big and definitely I couldn't reach my needs living as an employee. I want to be a giver of money and keep employees under me. But I was sluggish initially thinking about negative sides.

Finally, I decided that my lifestyle must get improved and I must become an entrepreneur to achieve my goals. I don't want fear to rule me. After many confusions, the fog in my mind cleared and I decided to give a try and take risks in life to achieve my goals and to become a proud entrepreneur and also to get succeed in life.

I quitted my job. In what hope I took that risk even today I can't imagine.

In 1984, I started a wholesale consumer products business. First dealership I got is Glaxco and now presently it is renamed as Heinz. That time fifty thousand was a big amount and I was asked to pay as a deposit.

I paid my savings Rs.30000 and I borrowed to arrange the balance amount. I was married and if something gone wrong, I have no one to support. My first desire to earn my target amount in a month and then many things created a desire in me to become entrepreneur as I want to upgrade my status.

All my burning desires to come up in life made me to quit the job and take the risk of starting my own business.

Initially we kept no labours to help. I and my spouse did all work. As a novel entrepreneur faced some problems and also struggled as we don't have much money to invest. First, everytime I use to borrow money and from returns I have to repay debt, run my family and must also keep reserves to invest again. That was a hard time in my life because credit sales will be more than cash sales.I don't have any extra reserves, only if they repaid me in correct time, I will be able to run the business smoothly.

At the off season time, sales will be low, but we sustained and slowly things changed.

One day my per month profit reached my annual salary. I felt I achieved a big thing in life.

Later become a dealer and super stockist of many leading brands.

To overcome my fear of living a stagnant life, I boldly took the risk and now a proud entrepreneur.I started with two members and now for more than thirty members I am giving employment.

As I desired it helped me to lead a decent life. No more employee grade, my risk I took gave me social status, rapport in society, to provide good education to kids, daughter's marriage, son's higher studies, bought our own house, like that fulfilled all our needs without trouble.

This is my victory and the reward for my risk and hard work.

Rise above Fear!

Rise above Fear

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