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Speedy Weirdy ways to improve your Vocabulary

This passage may be ridiculous but at the end definitely you could recollect 8 to 10 words without efforts easily.

Message from a handy lover...Two days here cloudy.... to hear, your talks are melody...come to me, buddy..give me a candy...ready to embrace your sturdy physique.. I feel moody and I know I m needy of you. every night you are my teddy..
Simply I m nerdy and not a trendy chick. keep me as your lady otherwise my life ll be a tragedy..
I love you. Can you hear my reedy voice?
Don't think it as bloody messages written by a cuddy...
Think it as comedy don't get angry with my weirdy messages.
Keep me in your love an eddy of breeze I ll b around you..
It is my broody concern..please love me and it is the only remedy  to stop my weedy talks..


Handy - close, convenient to handle, useful

Cloudy - sky covered with clouds

Melody -  pleasing music or song

Buddy -  close friend

Candy -  sweets

Ready - fully prepared, willing to do something

Sturdy - a well-built body of a person

Moody - temperamental, unpredictable changes of mood

Needy - poor, person needing emotional support

Teddy - a soft toy bear

Nerdy - dull, boring, unattractive person lacking skills

Trendy - fashionable

Lady - woman

Tragedy - an event causing great suffering or destruction

Reedy - voice or sound which is high in tone

Bloody - unpleasant

Cuddy - stupid person

Comedy - jokes or some entertainment which makes us laugh

Weirdy - strange behaviour

Custody - care, charge

Eddy - circular movement of wind

Remedy - cure

Broody - deeply thoughtful

Weedy - unwanted plants


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