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Is Your Heart Shaped Like A Heart?

Our heart is an amazing and important organ in our body.

Do you love heart shape? Why does this shape lures plethora of hearts? Speaking of heart shape, what captures your mind right now?

# the crunchy little heart cookies

# the heart-shaped Peepal tree leaves

# the red hearts on Valentine cards depicting deep romantic love and strong emotions

# the Sacred Heart symbol

# the yummy heart-shaped chocolates

# the heart symbols seen on hospitals symbolising "Healthy Heart"

# the heart symbols on foods symbolising "Heart Healthy" snacks ie. low cholesterol foods.

Reading this list, many different things may run in your mind about heart shape.


What is the real shape of a human heart?

 The real human heart looks like an upside-down pear. But, the red heart shape commonly seen on most Valentine's Day card is wrongly interpreted by majority of people as the actual shape of a human heart. That is absolutely incorrect.

In this moment, I like everyone to contemplate upon why, how and from when people started using heart shape to depict a human heart. Many stories and beliefs are existing behind this but the real fact is unknown.

In my personal opinion, the leaves of a Peepal tree has lots of medicinal values. It is used in the treatment of heart diseases. It may be the reason which might have inspired many artists and philosophers to use its shape to depict a human heart. However, there is always room for more.

Share with us your opinions, thoughts and love for heart shape.


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